What does Mild Pressurized Oxygen Session mean?

A mild pressurized oxygen session is where a person breathes in higher concentrations of oxygen in a mildly pressurized chamber, with a pressure ≤ 30% greater than normal atmospheric pressure.

Oxygen is the essential energy producing element of life. It’s the cellular “fuel” in the body for optimal overall health and well-being. Many health problems and conditions can be contributed to an insufficient supply of oxygen.

What is a Mild Pressurized Oxygen Session used for?

This therapy is being used to help relieve symptoms of chronic illnesses, arthritis and pain relief, as well as anti-aging and overall wellness.

What is a typical session like?

While the chamber is slowly being pressurized, you will need to gently equalize your ears, similar to flying on an airplane. When the treatment pressure is reached, ventilation will be increased for temperature and humidity control. You many sit or lay comfortably during the treatment. In the larger chamber, you even have the ability to exercise. Once the desired amount of time at the treatment pressure is accomplished, the chamber is then slowly depressurized until there is no pressure left in the chamber. You may now exit and enjoy the effects of the oxygen treatment.

Are Mild Pressurized Oxygen Sessions safe?

Pan-America chambers are designed and manufactured according to American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) and National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) codes and standards. They also meet or exceed international regulations and standards as well. A session is to be administered by trained staff only. Although there are potentially minor risks involved, when administered correctly, it is extremely safe.

In addition to the chamber, what is needed to set up?

The PAHi team will gladly provide the specific requirements and assist each facility in the setup process. The main items required include: oxygen supply, exhaust, sufficient space to house the chamber, training on all aspects of operating the equipment and grounding installed by a licensed electrician.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects are possible, however, because of the low pressures involved, they are extremely rare.