Wellness Session

Definition of Mild Pressure Oxygen Session
A mild pressure oxygen session is where a person breathes in higher concentrations of oxygen in a mildly pressurized chamber, with a pressure ≤ 30% greater than normal atmospheric pressure.

The Importance of Oxygen
Oxygen is the essential energy producing element of life. It’s the cellular “fuel” in the body for optimal overall health and well-being. Many health problems and conditions can be contributed to an insufficient supply of oxygen.


Wellness chambers hve been used for:
  • Stress Relief
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Joint Flexibility
  • Balancing Metabolism
  • Enhancing Circulation
  • Optimizing Skin Health
  • Healthier Digestive System
  • Increasing Energy
  • Overall Wellbeing
  • Weight Control
  • Reducing  Effects of Aging

  • The air we breathe at sea level (1 atmosphere) contains around 20.9% oxygen. 
  • While in a wellness chamber, it allows the patient to breathe up to five times more oxygen than outside the chamber.
  • As cellular oxygen concentration reaches an optimal level,  it increases patient energy, rejuvenation and overall well-being.
  • A typical therapy session involves the patient breathing normally while resting comfortably in the chamber for approximately 30-45 min. The length and number of treatments is dependent upon desired goal and professional recommendations.


1. The effect of mild-pressure hyperbaric therapy on fatigue oxidative stress


2. Exposure to Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Increases Blood Flow and Resting Energy Expenidture.


3. Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Improves Decreased Oxidative Capacity of Spinal Motoneurons Innervating the Soleus Muscle of Rats with Type 2 Diabetes.


4. Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Inhibits Growth-related Decrease in Muscle Oxidative Capacity of Rats with Metabolic Syndrome.