From the manufacturing team with decades of experience and brought new design and innovation to hyperbaric chambers, Pan-America Hyperbarics proudly presents the new line of wellness chambers.  The PAH-W1 is a  chamber designed specifically for mild pressure oxygen sessions for a single person .

Ease of Use User friendly design, safe and simple to operate, pneumatic control system
 All-inclusive Package Site Survey, installation, training on use of equipment, starter kit are all included
Flexible Finance Options Straight purchase, flexible lease options and revenue sharing are available upon approved credit
 Facility Requirements Pan-America will provide individualized assessment and assistance.
Features Professional engineering, Relaxing supine position, Aesthetic appearance




Width:  32 inches (81 cm)

Length: 90 inches (227 cm)

Weight:  2755.78 lb.

Height:  54 inches (135 cm)

Weight: 783 lbs (355 kg)

Electricity: Two 110V power outlets needed

Grounding: Independent secured grounding connection